Title Lou Ferrante: Inside the Gangster Code – The Grypsers

Year 2013

Client Discovery Channel


Lou heads to Poland to infiltrate the underworld of The Grypsers. Along the way he visits some Grypser bosses, including a protected witness who is now under permanent armed guard.

Inside The Gangsters’ Code follows ex-mafia street boss Lou Ferrante as he explores different gang cultures, their characters, and their inner workings. Lou travels the globe – from Naples to New Mexico – and immerses himself in their respective cultures, both inside and outside of prisons. He lives alongside prisoners, talk to guards, get under the skin of gang members, and meets top tier ‘soldiers’, following the trail of gang power from prison to the outside world, meeting key figures and family to provide an insider’s perspective of a notoriously clandestine world. These gangs rule the streets from inside prison walls, while running activities from behind bars and controlling the communities living outside. Lou will set out to explain their origins, history, partners, motivations and political sway in more personal detail and with an insight and passion never before applied to the subject.