Title Taiwan. Living in the shadow of China.

Year 2024

Client TVP


Documentary film directed by Krzysztof Dzięciołowski.

Politicians, businessmen, artists, indigenous people and ordinary people living in Taiwan have been hearing about China’s possible invasion of the archipelago for years.

They face a choice: should Taiwan declare full independence for the price of a violent response from Beijing, or should it live in its current undefined state? The question resonates in the background: who are they really – Chinese or Taiwanese?

The story covers various aspects of  Taiwan, including the history of the conflict with China, the current state of military readiness, as well as the geopolitical context involving the United States. What role do microchips – the source of Taiwan’s economic success – play in all this? The film also draws parallels between Taiwan and Ukraine, which face similar threats from more powerful neighbours who claim their territory.

Vision House Productions and TVP